Our Story             

The Policy and Training Institute (PTI) is the social enterprise of Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic, a nationally recognized nonprofit children's mental health clinic.

Established in 1924,  Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic  has spent over 90 years empowering the children and young adults of South and Central L.A. to get on track to success: to reach goals in school, build healthy relationships, and enjoy emotional well-being. 

The Institute was established to provide quality trainings to providers working with young children ages zero to five, increasing their capacity to identify children who are at risk of emotional, behavioral and social challenges. 


Our Mission         


The goal of the PTI is to increase the capacity of community-based and educational agencies in identifying children who are at risk for emotional, behavioral, and social challenges.

The PTI trains professionals to effectively assist these children and their families by:

 image_only.JPG   Increasing awareness and knowledge of children's healthy social and emotional development

 image_only.JPG   Increasing skills and competencies in relation to responding to children's early behavioral and emotional problems

 image_only.JPG   Increasing ability to appropriately identify and refer children in need of mental health services.


These trainings are being provided to "gatekeepers' in the mental health community who have limited expertise in the emerging fields of "0-5" mental health.

Mental health professionals, social service providers, childcare and day care providers, primary care staff, public health nurses, and preschool teachers all find PTI trainings to be helpful in their respective fields.


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